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Wiring Harness

An automobile wiring harness, also known as a wiring loom or cable harness, is a structured set of wires, connectors, and terminals that are bundled together in a specific configuration to transmit electrical power and signals within a vehicle. It serves as the central nervous system of the vehicle's electrical system, connecting various electrical components and devices to the vehicle's battery and electrical circuits.

Pig Tails

An automobile pigtail is a short length of wiring with a connector at one end used for making electrical connections, repairs, adaptations, or custom wiring in automotive applications. It serves as a convenient and flexible solution for various electrical needs within a vehicle.


A jumper wire is a short length of wire used to connect two points on a circuit board or electronic component. It is often used to create electrical connections or bypass specific components temporarily.

Automotive Electric Components

Automotive Electric Components is a wire that has a specially designed metal terminal attached to one end by crimping. This terminal serves various purposes in electrical and electronic applications, where it facilitates secure and reliable connections between wires and components.

Squeak & Rattle

The Squeak and Rattles Kit is a trusted tool among automotive professionals worldwide, designed to effectively eliminate those annoying interior trim noises. Say goodbye to bothersome rattles, squeaks, buzzing, creaks, and ticks with this comprehensive collection of products. Enclosed within this kit is a solution for addressing the most common material combinations found inside vehicles, including leather, vinyl, plastics, polished wood, rubber, glass, and decorative metals.

When dealing with interior trim noise in vehicles, it's essential to recognize that one-size-fits-all solutions won't suffice due to the diverse material combinations present, such as leather on plastic, vinyl on wood, or leather on leather. Typically, treating just one of the surfaces within a material combination responsible for the noise can resolve the issue. If you're unsure which product to use, it's advisable to test the products on spare parts or inconspicuous areas first.

Spread Terminal Gauge Kit

The harness manufacturer specified tool for testing female terminals for loose fit.
Terminal Removal Tools

Terminal Removal Tools

Wire harness manufacturer specified tools to remove retainers (locks) and terminals.


This is a high-conductivity aluminum splice, plated with tin, designed for compression connections can be used for joining aluminum to aluminum or aluminum to copper conductors.

This splice features clear markings for wire size and die code identification, and it includes protective measures to prevent foreign materials from entering and potentially contaminating the connector before it's used.

When properly compressed, it forms a uniform and solid mass, ensuring a high-quality electrical connection.

When using aluminum splices or connections in the automotive industry, manufacturers and repair shops must adhere to specific welding and joining standards to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the vehicle. Proper training, equipment, and quality control measures are essential to achieve reliable and durable aluminum connections in automotive applications.

Solder Sleeve

Solder Sleeve terminators come in a variety of styles to suit different needs. These versatile solder sleeve splicing devices are capable of creating both sealed and unsealed splices, soldering, insulating, encapsulating, and providing strain relief for a wide range of wire sizes, all in a single step. Solder Sleeve technology ensures consistent high-quality electrical and mechanical performance every time. With pre-measured solder and flux, it delivers repeatable and reliable terminations, ultimately reducing the likelihood of rejects and field failures. When the Solder Sleeve device is heated, the tubing shrinks, and the solder preform melts, creating a fully insulated, strain-relieved, and protected solder connection.

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